RF & Microwave field is a very dynamic research area. Elliptika is involved in many R&D projects n collaboration with French and European partners. These projects set the ground for tomorrow innovative products.

Elliptika is actively participating to many collaborative R&D projects in various contexts: French Agency for Research (ANR), FUI, The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), DGA, CNES.

Below you can find some examples :

  • FILIPIX (FILtering for Innovative Payload with Improved flexibility)
  • DENOTEIC (Développement de nouvelles technologies de circuit imprimé)
  • MIDIMU-HD (Mixed Microwave and Digital Multilayer PCB for High Density Applications)
  • RF-IDROFIL (MicRoFluIDic MillimetRic Sensors and Tuneable ResOnators and FILters)
  • CHIPRE (Circuits Hyperfréquences à mode d’Interconnexion innovant et à Pertes RéduitEs)
  • FENDER (Filtres pass-bande accordable en technologie "Substrate Integrated Waveguide" - SIW)
  • Design of High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) filters