Innovation starts here!

The field of RF and microwaves is a dynamic research space. Elliptika is involved in various collaborative Research and Development (R&D) projects with French and European partners and in particular the Lab-STICC. These projects pave the way for the innovative products of tomorrow.

Elliptika works on innovation projects in filter topologies (band pass, band cut, low pass, high pass) and antennas. but also on the optimization of volume technologies by developing new manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing or planar technologies by working on new techniques for producing multilayer printed circuits.

Elliptika actively participates in numerous R&D projects as coordinator, partner or subcontractor in various contexts: National Research Agency (ANR), Unique Interministerial Fund (FUI), the 7th European Framework Program for Research and Development technological (FP7), DGA, CNES.

Here are some examples of participation:

  • FILIPIX (FILtering for Innovative Payload with Improved flexibility)
  • DENOTEIC (Development of new printed circuit technologies)
  • MIDIMU-HD (Mixed Microwave and Digital Multilayer PCB for High Density Applications)
  • FENDER (Tunable bandpass filters in “Substrate Integrated Waveguide” technology – SIW)
  • Study of innovative adjustment solutions for the realization of IMUX superconducting filter
  • Matryoshka (Tunable Miniature Filter based on a new concept of coaxial air resonator)
  • IMPACT (Design and production of microwave components in plastic with full or selective metallization in 3D)

Elliptika also participates in the Diygo3 collective (do it yourself grand ouest) whose goal is to develop Open-Source solutions in the field of health.

Here are some examples of work that we have carried out

  • K.Donnart, A.Manchec, J.Haumant , G.Cochet, D.Diedhiou, C.Quendo, R.Allanic, E.Rius, J-F.Favennec “Miniature Air-Filled SIR Coaxial Resonators filter made by 3D printing SLA” Microwave Technology and techniques Workshop, ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, Pays Bas, 2019
  • J. Haumant, G. Cochet, D. Diedhiou, A. Manchec, R. Allanic, C. Quendo, C. Person, R.-M. Sauvage “Ultralight Wide-band Double Ridged Horn Antenna Using Additive Technologies” Microwave Technology and techniques Workshop, ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, Pays Bas, 2019
  • J. Haumant, D. Diedhiou , A. Manchec, C. Quendo, R. Allanic, C. Person, R-M Sauvage “Ultra Wideband Transition From Coaxial Line to Two Parallel Lines Manufactured Using 3D Additive Manufacturing Technology” IEEE International Mircrowave Symposium (IMS) 2019, BOSTON
  • El Mostrah, A. Muller, J.-F. Favennec, B. Potelon, A. Manchec, E. Rius, C. Quendo, Y. Clavet, F. Doukhan, J. Le Nezet “An RF-MEMS-based Digitally Tunable SIW filter in X band for Communication Satellite Applications” Applied Science 2019
  • Vincent Castel, Sami Ben Ammar, Alexandre Manchec, Gwendal Cochet, Jamal Ben Youssef “Strong Coupling of Magnons to Microwave Photons in Three-Dimensional Printed Resonators” IEEE Magnetics Letters, IEEE, 2019, pp.1-1
  • H. Bouazzaoui, K. Donnart, A. Manchec, C. Quendo, R. Allanic, F. Karpus, H. Bouillaud “Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Low-Cost Multilayer Technologies Filter Using Varnish” IEEE European Microwave Conference 2018, 48th EUMC Madrid
  • H. Aouidad, E. Rius, J-F. Favennec, A. Manchec“Generic UHF Bandpass Filter with Air-Filled SIR Coaxial Resonators” Asian Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC), Kyoto, Nov. 2018
  • V. Castel, A. Manchec, J. Ben Youssef “Control of Magnon-Photon Coupling Strength in a Planar Resonator/Yttrium-Iron-Garnet Thin-Film Configuration “IEEE Magnetics Letters, 2017, volume 8
  • H. Aouidad, J.F. Favennec, E. RIUS, A. Manchec, Y.Quere, A. Guennou ” Filtre UHF à résonateurs coaxiaux Matriochka à deux et trois sections en fabrication additive“, Journées Nationales Micro-ondes, Saint Malo 2017
  • Cortes-Nino July Paola, Quéré Yves, Quendo Cédric, Sanchez-Soriano Miguel Angel, Aouidad Marc Hakim, Manchec Alexandre, « Étude de la tenue en puissance pour un filtre UHF à résonateur coaxial SIR à deux sections » 20èmes Journées Nationales Microondes, Saint Malo, Mai 2017
  • H. Aouidad, J.F. Favennec, E. RIUS, A. Manchec, Y. Clavet “Filtre accordable à résonateurs coaxiaux Matriochka à deux sections” Journées Nationales Micro-ondes, Bordeaux 2015 (Prix (EUMA) du meilleur papier des JNM)
  • H. Aouidad, J.F. Favennec, E. RIUS, A. Manchec, Y. Clavet, “A tunable filter based on miniature SIR coaxial resonators” 10th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC), 2015
  • A. El Mostrah, A. Manchec, Y. Clavet, M. Cariou, M.SANCHEZ-SORIANO, C. QUENDO, E. SCHLAFFER, W. PESSL, A. LEFEVRE “Etude d’une excitation par post d’un Filtre SIW en bande Q sur un substrat organique multicouche” Journées Nationales Micro-ondes, Bordeaux 2015
  • H. Aouidad, J.F. Favennec, E. RIUS, A. Manchec, Y. Clavet”A Novel Technique for the External Coupling of Coaxial Dielectric Microwave Filters” IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 2015, Volume 5, issue 4