s’appuie sur un savoir-faire en hyperfréquence dans les bandes de fréquences de 300 MHz à 115 GHz

We use the most cutting-edge modeling software and syntheses on the market (ADS, Momentum, HFSS and Ansys Designer) to develop the solution that meets the best compromise between electrical performance, size, weight and cost. We also offer a design and production service for 3D printing parts and microwave components in plastic additive technology with total or selective metallization of the component. This technique makes it possible in particular to greatly reduce the weight, the cost and the manufacturing times.

About antenna components we have complete know-how in topology making it possible to ideally meet your drastic specifications with more or less bandwidth from volumic solutions like Vivaldi, cornet and spiral or planar solutions like smeander, vivaldi, PIFA, Patch, Bowtie ….

antenne papillon
antenne cornet double ridge ultra légère
antenne double ridge
FIltre Coaxial
ensemble de guide d'onde avec transition
guide d'onde
filtre Matriochka
vue au microscope
boitier céramique

About our filters we can realize different topologies on different technologies. From single-layer to multi-layer technology, from ceramic to PCB substrate, different solutions are available to you according to your needs. We are able to cover the most classic topologies (hairpin, interdigital, coupled line, stub), the most recent (open loop with cross coupling) and also the most exotic (Dual Behavior Resonator-DBR Dual Behavior Resonator) and mix them according to specifications. We can also offer solutions packaged in boxes with connectors or SMT solutions (surface mount technology) for a transfer on the PCB.


Here is the example of a 3D printing monobloc fabrication (SLA technology) of a 4×4 ka band antenna array made up of 16 horn antennas, and its 1 to 16 feed array.

Benefits of additive manufacturing :

The ELLIPTIKA additive manufacturing process made it possible to print this complex system in a single block, thus eliminating the assembly steps performed for these products.

S11 reseau
reseau d'antenne métalisé
reseau d'antenne dans une main
reseau d'antenne


antenne cornet sans métallisation
simulation d'une antenne cornet trou
patern à 12 GHz
tableau poids antenne trou
antenne cornet double ridge ultra légère

One-piece 3D printing (SLA technology) manufacturing of a highly lightened rigid double horn antenna, printed in high temperature resin.

Benefits of additive manufacturing :

ELLIPTIKA’s work has made it possible to lighten the antenna, from 380g to 76g, while maintaining performance and temperature resistance up to 150 ° C.