EM simulations and measurements


We use the most advanced synthesis and modeling software on the market (ADS, Momentum, HFSS and Ansys Designer) to develop the solution that meets the best compromise between electrical performance, size, weight and cost. We also have different measurement equipment to validate the devices we produce (VNA, oscilloscope, profilometer, antenna measurement arch, characterization bench, etc.). the different equipments in EM simulations and measurements are listed below.

Elliptika has measurement expertise in order to validate the manufacture of its components, and in particular in the measurement of S parameters and radiation diagram. Elliptika has a number of test equipment:

– VNA Anritsu MS2036C (0- 6 GHz) and spectrum analyzer (0- 9 GHz)

– VNA Anritsu shockline (0- 20 GHz) MS46322A2

– Rhode & Schwarz digital oscilloscope (WFSML OSCILLOSCOPE 4 CHANNELS RTB2004)

– Wiltron 3680-20 measuring cell (0-20 GHz)

– Antenna measurement bench up to 18 GHz

antenne PCB Patch
mesure antenne WIFI
Simulation sur écran
mesure du paramètre de reflxion S11
mesure sur écran
banc de mesure antenne Elliptika
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Simulation antenne GSM

Electromagnetic simulation (EM)

EM simulation techniques have evolved rapidly to reach a very important level of precision for microwave or microwave structures. These EM simulation tools have accelerated the design process, making it possible to design virtual prototypes. Using the most powerful EM CAD software on the market on powerful workstations, Elliptika is able to meet your EM simulation needs.

EM 3D simulation software

ANSYS HFSS 3-D v15.0 with Optimetrics and Multipro options. HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator) software is the industry benchmark tool for three-dimensional electromagnetic field simulation.

2.5D planar simulation software

Keysight Technologies – Momentum. Momentum is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulator.
Ansys – PlanarEM. PlanarEM is a 3-D planar simulation tool for EM fields (method of moments).