Antenna bench test

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The Elliptika antenna measurement bench allows rapid and simple characterization in the different emission planes of the antenna using a VNA and developed control, acquisition and processing software. by Elliptika.

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This system can be used by an industrialist or a researcher to validate an antenna prototype in a short time, or in order to train students in antenna measurement. It consists of two positioners and software. The first accommodates the reference antenna, the gain of which is known as a function of the frequency. The second positioner accommodates the control board, a stepper motor and the antenna under test. The data processing part makes it possible to obtain the measurement of the reflection coefficients of the two antennas, the gain of the antenna under test as a function of the frequency and its radiation pattern at several frequency points. Each antenna, as well as the control card, are connected to a vector network analyzer allowing the control of the arch, the acquisition and the processing of data. The software is currently compatible with the ZNL, ZNB and ZVA series from Rohde & Schwarz.

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