Double ridge horn antenna 0.9-8 GHz

ELL-A3D-SP-00900800-01 is a standard horn antenna operating in the frequency band 0.9 GHz to 8 GHz with a typical gain of 5 dBi for 0.9 GHz and 17 dBi for 8 GHz. More details can be found in the description below.

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This horn antenna operates in a frequency band of 1 GHz to 8 GHz. It offers a typical value of 5 to 17 dBi of gain.

The reference ELL-A3D-SP-00900800-01 is a horn antenna with progressive aperture, or Vivaldi antenna, operating in the frequency band 2-18 GHz and produced by stereolithography. In order to limit the weight of this antenna in addition to the additive manufacturing method, we applied a lightening method to the walls of the antenna. This technique makes it possible to reduce the weight of the metallic 3D printing antenna by 80% compared to a conventional machining technique while maintaining good adaptation over the entire operating frequency band of the antenna. this technique allows us to divide the weight of the antenna by three.

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Frequency (GHz)




Gain (dB)




Bulk size W x L x H mm3

244 x 144 x202

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